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Have you ever stood next to your windows during winter and felt the waves of cold coming off them?
Know what that feeling really is? That’s what losing money feels like!

Not sure about what type of window or glass is best for your situation? Check out our glass knowledge page to help you out!

Improperly installed windows or un-insulated glass allows a tremendous heat transfer between your home and the outside world in both winter and summer. That puts your climate control system into overdrive… which puts your energy bill sky-high!

Crystal clear is the new green!
Glass Services is your local resource for energy efficient glass installation. Insulated windows will help you to maintain your desired temp without undue energy transfer. Heck, even if you just have us repair and re-fit your current windows, you should notice a drop in energy usage!

Don’t put up with the drafty old windows for another winter!

  • Insulated glass repair
  • In-home window repair
  • Vinyl replacement windows

Invest in energy efficient windows for a more comfortable home
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